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HOW the ThrillCapital Club works

fund investment approach

We believe that Motorsport, just like the wider world of business, should be supported by a robust financial service infrastructure.

Accordingly, we apply rigorous Venture Capital methodology and robust Fund Management practise to a sport where too often in the past there has been a lack of transparency and concern for investor interest. Sadly, this has meant that, even at the highest levels of the Sport, connections often trump talent and a flawed business model has led to an environment where even  venerable teams struggle to survive. 

With it's uncompromising adherence to Financial Services best practise, the ThrillCapital Motorsport Fund provides a  solution to this problem, by allowing accredited investors to literally own a piece of the action through an investment in the Fund.

The Fund which will invest in a range of Motorsport opportunities pre-vetted and structured to maximize financial returns (ROI) while also guaranteeing investors emotional returns in the sport they love - what we like to call emotional return on investment (EROI)

Fund Portfolio Companies will likely have significant IP that can be developed using Motorsport as a research and development test bed and prving ground. However, Fund portfolio companies may also Motorsport; Teams, Academies, Management, Event and Media Companies.

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INVESTment and empowerment

We are all about investor empowerment. Accredited investors with a passion for Motorsport will become true Motorsports Insiders, literally owning  a "piece of the action" and gaining access to opportunities that up to this point have only been available to corporates or the ultra wealthy. Joining this exclusive club will give Fund investors and members the chance to create valuable long lasting relationships born out of a shared passion for Motorsport. 

Currently membership is free to qualified investors and even members who are not investors in the Fund will enjoy exclusive benefits. However, additional membership rewards; Silver, Gold or Platinum, will be made available to members based on the number of Fund shares owned. In addition, the first 100 founding members will automatically be granted Platinum status..

Membership will also provide you with access to the to the ThrillCapital Trading Facility providing Fund investors with liquidity , transparency and the thrill of trading based on Fund performance on and off the track.