Fan Focused Venture Capital for Sport

ThrillCapital: own a share of the next big champion and trade your shares based on their performance

Thrill Capital sits at the join of Sport, Technology and Finance

We get deserving sports talent, projects and events funded while maximising fan engagement and ownership. Our focus is on Extreme and newly emerging Sports where technology is often a driver.

A key aim is to link fan passion to sports funding. Since fans come in all shapes and sizes, from billionaire team owners to Mums and Dads, our funding solutions do as well.

To this end, ThrillCapital and our extended network of sporting, marketing and financial partners in the US, UK, Europe and Australasia structure bespoke, compliant, capital raising solutions as unique as our clients. All our funding solutions and advisory services draw on advances in Fintech, regulatory change, the Web and Social Media to empower fans, fund sporting brands and optimise financial and emotional returns for investors.

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Our founder, David Tomlinson, spoke on Alternative Sports Funding at "The Academy"conference for Global Sports Leaders in Lausanne Switzerland May 2015

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