Imagine if you could own a share of the next F1 or US Open Golf Champion

ThrillCapital: own a share of the next big champion and trade your shares based on their performance

Welcome to ThrillCapital

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We are all about getting deserving Sports and Entertainment talent and projects funded by maximising fan engagement. 

Since fans come in all shapes and sizes from billionaire team owners to Mums and Dads our funding solutions do as well. As a result, we operate across the funding spectrum from private investment  to crowdfunding to sponsorship. 

While our capital raising solutions and services are as unique and diverse as our Sports and Entertainment clients, all of our services seek to maximise the thrill of fan engagement. 

Check out the slide show above to learn more.

ThrillCapital Founder David Tomlinson spoke on Sports Funding at "The Academy"   Conference for Sports Leaders hosted by TSE Consulting in Lausanne Switzerland May 2015 

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Current Deals

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  • MotoGP documentary filmed by Spanish based media company Intuition Film.. More info
  • Independent Film to be filmed in the capital of Indy Film New York City... More info
  • Sports Car Racer with the talent and connections for a future Le Mans challenge... More info
  • Shares in U Management, a Golf Management company, are now available for trading... More info